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Divorce: Changing your name in Louisiana

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Divorce, Family Law

Name changing isn’t a new idea. It’s been happening for generations and generations. Concepts that have come around more recently since then are driver’s licenses, voter registration, and Social Security just to name a few. Anything government-related is especially going to require paperwork of some sort, even when it comes to divorce.

A name change is a part of the whole divorce process. According to FindLaw, “Parties can ask the court handling their divorce to confirm a name change. If granted, this will be reflected in the court’s final divorce decree”. This decree will  contain an order changing your name back, and this can be used to prove a name change.”

The name change only adds to the many matters that have to be decided on before the decree is issued by the court, such as dividing up assets, child custody arrangements, and child supports payments. It is not uncommon for spouses to go back to their old names after being divorced.

This decree is necessary to updating your identification and official documents, such as your driver’s license, voter registration, and Social Security. The local Security office and the DMV are places to contact for the respective documents.

Name changing forms for Louisiana can be found here.

It can be a confusing and time-consuming matter, but you’re not alone. Divorce lawyer Taylor Fontenot’s goal at Southern Oaks Law Firm is to help eliminate the headaches and to help you go about your life without the confusion. Call 337-704-7255 or email us today!

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