DWI conviction: Why BAC is important
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DWI conviction: Why BAC is important

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Criminal Law, DWI

BAC is an acronym for “blood alcohol content/concentration” that’s measured as number of grams of alcohol per 100mL of blood. How does BAC fit into DWI? Certain situations have different BAC requirements, meaning that going at or above a certain number can result in a DWI conviction.

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The DMV website states that all 50 states have 0.08% as the BAC “legal limit for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI).”

The legal limit is even stricter for commercial drivers and for those under 21 years of age. A commercial driver can be convicted of a DWI nationwide of his or her BAC is 0.04%.

If under 21 years of age in Louisiana, the legal limit is set at 0.02%.

While we don’t encourage drinking and driving, we want to make sure that you’re informed of the legal limit.

The official DMV website also advises readers that “should you ever find yourself faced with a DUI or DWI arrest, your first step should be to hire the services of a DUI or DWI attorney”. The reasoning behind this is that DUI/DWI attorneys specialize in the state laws and can often lessen the impact of the punishment.

At Southern Oaks Law Firm, DWI attorney Taylor Fontenot knows the local and state DWI laws. His priority is always to help his clients and to do his absolute best to provide a fair solution. Give us a call today at 337-704-7255!

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