Reasons to consider seeking an expungement in Louisiana
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Reasons to consider seeking an expungement in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Criminal Law

For those charged with a criminal offense in Louisiana, their primary concern will likely be limiting the legal consequences they face for a guilty plea or a conviction. People may even plead guilty to an offense instead of defending against it if they hope to avoid court and reduce the penalties the court assigns to them during sentencing.

All too often, people don’t stop to think about how a criminal record will impact their lives until after it’s too late to do much about it. A criminal record even for a minor offense can haunt you for years, impacting everything from your ability to secure a professional license to your ability to pass a background check for a job or rental home.

An expungement is a means of removing certain blemishes from your criminal record through the assistance of the Louisiana criminal courts. Many people don’t give expungement due consideration because they consider them difficult to obtain but there are many reasons why securing a Louisiana expungement could help you.

An expungement can open up educational and professional opportunities

If you’ve ever applied for a job only to wind up denied the opportunity because your criminal record concerns your prospective employer, you already understand how criminal conviction could impact the trajectory of your career and your earning potential.

Depending on the exact charge, you may also have a hard time enrolling in college or continuing education classes in a physical setting, as many schools perform background checks and limit or preclude enrollment for those convicted of certain offenses. Additionally, a conviction on your record may impact your ability to secure both federal student aid and private scholarships.

An expungement gives you a feeling of having a fresh start

While it is true that the state of Louisiana will retain its criminal records and that an expunged offense could affect any future prosecution you face, if you have learned from you earlier mistakes and truly change your behavior to avoid violating the law in the future, there is hope. Removing the most public blemishes on your criminal record could help you psychologically by giving you a feeling of a fresh start at helping you feel protected from the impact of those previous offenses.

Review your record and state law about expungement to determine if seeking one is an option for your situation.

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