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Car accident injuries per year are higher than you think

On Behalf of | May 2, 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Have you wondered how many people will get injured in car accidents in 2020? Maybe you saw a story about a recent crash on the news and it got the wheels turning in your mind. You wondered just how common this was and what the odds were that you would someday get injured in a crash. 

Every year is different, but there is a good chance that more people get injured in accidents every year that you realized. Some estimates put it right around 3 million people per year

Numbers of that size tend to blur together a bit and don’t really paint a picture of the problem. To make it easier to grasp, think about it this way: If 3 million people get hurt in car accidents this year, that is an average of 8,291 people every single day. That’s more than 342 people per hour. If you break it all the way down to the minute, it’s nearly six injuries per minute. 

How long has it taken you to read this far? If it’s been more than a minute, six more people are in the hospital from car accidents alone. Some have severe injuries, like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Others have more minor issues, like broken arms or legs. Still others have internal injuries and do not even know how bad it is yet. 

The odds of an accident are different for everyone, depending on things like the amount of time they spend behind the wheel and how well they drive. But it’s clear that accidents are a serious risk. You must know your rights if you get injured. 


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