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What injury risks do children who are involved in car accidents face?

The summer is upon us. Your kids will soon be out of school, and you’ll find yourself traveling around up and down the road, taking them to and fro, trying to keep them entertained. There’s likely to be an uptick in motorists on the road this summer as people look

How much will insurance cover after a Louisiana car crash?

Paying for car insurance means that you have coverage if you get into a crash, or at least that’s what most people think. Differences in insurance programs from state to state and a general misunderstanding of how auto policies differ from other kinds of coverage can leave people confused about

After a car accident, beware of low-ball settlement offer

It happened to you. Serious injuries after a car accident have put the brakes on your life as you know it. The injuries have prevented you from working. Medical costs pile up and you need time to recuperate. But something unexpected also has befallen you afterward. You find yourself regularly