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How much will insurance cover after a Louisiana car crash?

Paying for car insurance means that you have coverage if you get into a crash, or at least that’s what most people think. Differences in insurance programs from state to state and a general misunderstanding of how auto policies differ from other kinds of coverage can leave people confused about

After a car accident, beware of low-ball settlement offer

It happened to you. Serious injuries after a car accident have put the brakes on your life as you know it. The injuries have prevented you from working. Medical costs pile up and you need time to recuperate. But something unexpected also has befallen you afterward. You find yourself regularly

Is coffee a good solution for drowsy drivers?

Drowsy driving is a serious issue that is very similar to impaired driving. A drunk driver may have trouble keeping their eyes on the road, and the same is true for someone who is too tired. Both could pass out. Both have reduced reaction times. Both make more mistakes. You

Is it more dangerous to drive on the weekends?

During the week, your driving schedule is pretty well established as you commute to work and back. You know that this exposes you to some level of risk, but you try to stay safe by giving yourself extra time and being a defensive driver. Anyway, you know that you must

After a crash, you deserve support and compensation

There are many different kinds of car crashes. From front-end collisions to T-bone wrecks or rear-end crashes, all of them can lead to victims. If you’ve suffered injuries, then it’s necessary for you to go to the hospital and seek medical care. Some of the most common kinds of injuries

Should billboards be illegal because they’re so distracting?

How many billboards did you drive by today? In the space of a normal commute, it could be dozens or even hundreds. In some areas, they’re so common that they blend together and you may not even realize how many there are. Have you ever wondered, though, if those billboards should be

Car accident injuries per year are higher than you think?

Have you wondered how many people will get injured in car accidents in 2020? Maybe you saw a story about a recent crash on the news and it got the wheels turning in your mind. You wondered just how common this was and what the odds were that you would

Is the number of fatal car accidents going down?

There is no denying that fatal car accidents occur daily across the country. This is a problem that authorities and experts have been working to solve for decades. Typically, each year, the statistics show the rate of fatal accidents go up, but for states like Louisiana, the latest figures show

What is Louisiana’s Katie Bug’s Law?

Katie Bug’s Law was signed into effect by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. This law is intended to help families seeking justice over a fatal accident, and allows law enforcement officials to test a driver for drugs or alcohol in their system after a car crash, even if there were

Proving negligence in a rear end crash: 4 steps

It’s not common sense that a person is automatically liable if he or she rear-ends somebody in an automobile accident. Common sense isn’t the right word. Rather, conventional wisdom fits the bill. Liability for a crash isn’t always as easy as it seems. For rear-ending accidents, it’s not true that