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Negligence: The liability aspect

We talked about negligence in our previous article, as well as the 4 steps on how to prove it. Let’s recap on breach of duty. This is step 2 of the 4 step process. Want to know some examples of breach of duty? They are: disregarding traffic patterns and signs, distracted

Personal injury: Uninsured vs. underinsured driver accidents

Car accidents aren’t pretty. They can disrupt an entire day or delay our busy schedules. We can’t always avoid them, so the best thing to do is handle the situation as calmly as possible. One of the first things we should do, in the aftermath of a car accident, is

Personal injury: Hit and run

It’s one thing to be a victim of personal injury, but the one at fault isn’t always held responsible. This is exactly the case in a hit-and-run situation, where a person involved in an accident drives off without remaining at the scene of that accident. A hit and run can