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Frequently Asked Child Support Questions*


Child support is an obligation to provide financial assistance for the raising of your minor child. Under Louisiana Law, parents generally have a duty to support their minor children. When parents separate, a child support order seeks to ensure that each parent remains financially responsible for the child’s health, education and welfare.


The Louisiana child support guidelines set forth a rebuttable presumption as to who owes child support and what amount they owe. A court may deviate from the guidelines only if they find the result is inequitable or not in the best interest of the child. Further, under certain circumstances, the court may review and approve a stipulation between the parties.


In your divorce proceeding or a separate action, the court can determine who owes child support and what amount is owed. In Louisiana, the amount of child support a party may owe is determined in accordance with the child support guidelines, which utilizes an “income-shares” approach. Depending on the nature of your custody arrangement, you and your family law or child support lawyer will complete one of two worksheets to determine the amount of child support you are due or perhaps the amount you will owe.


A change in your financial situation or other circumstances may justify a modification of a previous child support order. In general, an award for child support can be modified if there has been a sufficient change in your circumstances between the time of the previous order and the time modification is requested. ​Ask a local family law or child support lawyer if a modification is appropriate for your specific situation.

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