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Understanding Louisiana Adoption

At Southern Oaks Law Firm, our Lafayette family law attorneys understand the real-time challenges associated with adoption in Louisiana.

Each type of adoption has its eligibility criteria and requirements that prospective adoptive parents and others must meet. Considering the seemingly endless research, documents, background checks, home studies, and court proceedings, the process can quickly become overwhelming.

In addition, as Louisiana family laws evolve, so do adoption laws and processes.

As adoption laws and procedures can change, it is crucial to consult with a Louisiana adoption attorney who can explain each detail in terms that make sense to you and your family.

Our Louisiana adoption lawyers provide customized legal solutions for residents, regardless of their age, race, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, so they can navigate their legal needs with confidence, dignity, and grace.

We produce real results for real people, no matter their family law journeys, because every step you take from this point forward matters. And because it matters to you, it matters to us.

How Does Adoption Work in Louisiana

What Types of Louisiana Adoptions Does Southern Law Oaks Firm Handle?

Deciding to add a new family member to your home is typically an exciting and significant time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm is often met by a legal process that can be lengthy, stressful, and frustrating for the adoptive parents and other adults.

Depending on the type of adoption, the process may be further complicated in ways the adopting adults never imagined. Our skilled family law attorneys in Lafayette work tirelessly to help our clients face their personal and sensitive legal challenges with confidence — and adoption is no different.

While every adoption poses its unique issues, our Louisiana family law attorneys focus on providing solutions for those pursuing:

  • Intrafamily Adoptions

Most intrafamily adoptions involve a step-parent adopting their spouse’s child. However, under certain circumstances other relatives may also seek an intrafamily adoption. In either case, the person seeking to adopt must be a single person at least 18 years of age, or a married person whose spouse (the child’s parent) is a joint petitioner. In general, if the child has another parent they must consent to the adoption, unless you can prove that their consent should not be required.

  • Private Adoptions

Private adoptions in Louisiana are those brought by persons not related to the child at issue. They typically begin with the biological and/or legal parent(s) surrendering the child to the prospective adoptive parents for adoption. In other cases, parental rights may have to be involuntarily terminated before the adoption can proceed. Either way, private adoptions are document-intensive, have strict procedural requirements, and involve coordination among various professionals including counselors, attorneys, and the State of Louisiana.

  • Adult Adoptions

Adult adoptions involve adoption of a person over the age of 18, often for legal, inheritance, or sometimes sentimental purposes. This is a relatively straightforward process compared to different types of adoption. Nonetheless, it requires following important Louisiana laws to ensure any risks or potential legal loopholes that will jeopardize the legality of the relationship are minimized from the start of the process.

  • Agency adoption

A single person 18 years or older, or a married couple jointly, can petition to adopt a child through an agency. An “agency” includes the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the corresponding department of another state, and certain private agencies and institutions licensed to place children for adoption by DCFS or the corresponding department of another state.

To ensure your Louisiana adoption is completed correctly, consult with our experienced family law attorneys to ensure that any addition to your family is legally compliant with Louisiana adoption laws and policies. You must file the appropriate paperwork and comply with the procedural requirements — including notice to legal parents, consent, and termination of parental rights — to protect your new legal family and safeguard against future litigation.

We can help.

At Southern Oaks Law Firm, Our Lafayette Family Law Lawyer Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

Further Important Information

Whether you’re single or married, if you want to adopt, there are a number of potential complications you should be aware of. For example, certain persons must consent to the adoption or have their parental rights properly terminated prior to filing for adoption. Also, certain types of adoptions may require a home study and confidential report by DCFS.

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