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Spousal support, also called alimony, disputes are often a confrontational and emotional legal case. Whether you wish to obtain support or protect your finances, you need an attorney who will represent your interests. At Southern Oaks Law Firm, our divorce attorney represents people across Louisiana in their spousal support disputes.

If you are facing a spousal support dispute, you can contact our Lafayette office to discuss your case with our experienced lawyer. Attorney Taylor Fontenot has years of divorce and family law experience that he will use to assist you in your case. You can call our office now at 337-704-7255 to schedule your first meeting with our skilled lawyer.

How Is Spousal Support Determined?

A family court judge will determine if a party receives spousal support by evaluating their standard of living before the divorce and their financial situation. Louisiana judges also weigh fault in a divorce when deciding if alimony is awarded and only a person who was not at fault can receive spousal support. Fault includes actions that lead to the end of a marriage, such as infidelity, abuse and abandonment.

The Different Types Of Spousal Support

There are two main categories of spousal support, temporary support and permanent support. These two types of support are awarded determined based on the unique conditions of the divorce filing and financial situation of the parties involved. The main differences between these types of support are:

  • Temporary support: This type of temporary support is awarded while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. It will end when the divorce is finalized even if permanent support is not granted.
  • Permanent support: This type of support is awarded after the divorce proceedings are completed. As stated in the name, this support will be ongoing at the agreed upon amount unless there is a dramatic change in circumstances.

Support Modifications
Spousal support modifications are possible if one party experienced a change in circumstances. This change in circumstances can include the loss of income or an increased financial need. Support may also end if the spouse who is receiving support remarries or if either spouse dies.

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