Safety tips for pedestrians walking near the street

Pedestrians face a high level of danger when walking near traffic. In fact, some reports have shown that this risk level has increased source in recent years, with pedestrian fatalities reaching a 40-year peak. Accidents happen when drivers make mistakes, when they get distracted and when they otherwise act negligently.

So what can pedestrians do to stay safe? Thankfully, there are some important tips that they can keep in mind.

Walk facing traffic

If possible, you should always try to use a sidewalk. But if there is not one, remember that you’re supposed to walk facing traffic, not moving with traffic. Cyclists are supposed to ride with traffic, and people sometimes will mix up the two.

Become as visible as you can

Your best defense is visibility. If you’re walking at night, consider headlamps, LED lights or reflective tape. Even during the day, it is wise to wear bright colors. Many accidents happen when drivers do not see pedestrians at all.

Follow traffic laws

Always cross at crosswalks. Pay close attention to traffic laws and consider where drivers expect you to be. This can help to keep you safe and it means that a driver will be solely liable if you are hurt.

Leave the distractions at home

Finally, it’s also important to avoid distractions when you’re around cars. This means leaving your headphones at home so that you don’t get distracted by music or audiobooks. Do not text or browse social media while walking.

What if you get injured?

Unfortunately, you can do everything right as a pedestrian and still be injured when a driver makes a mistake. Be sure you know how to seek financial compensation.