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Filing for divorce can upend a person’s entire life. There are many aspects to a divorce, from child custody disputes to a battle over alimony. Another deceptively complex part of a divorce is community property partition. While dividing your assets may seem straightforward, the actual process can be challenging. Because of the difficulties involving in dividing assets, you need a trusted attorney who can represent your interests.

At Southern Oaks Law Firm, we help people in the Lafayette area and across Louisiana with their community property partitions. Our lawyer will thoroughly investigate assets and financial holdings so that you can claim your fair share of marital property. Contact our office now by calling 337-704-7255 to schedule your first meeting with a lawyer.

What Property Can Be Divided?

Louisiana is a community property state. In a community property state, divorcing couples must equally split marital property between both parties in a marriage. This equal split can become more complex because spouses may have individual property, not easily divided assets, a prenuptial agreement or another abnormal situation. Our attorney will work closely with you to determine what kinds of property may be divided in your divorce, and we will then create an aggressive plan to protect your assets.

Many types of assets can be divided in a divorce, including:

  • A family home and other property
  • Businesses and investments
  • Vehicles
  • Shared debt
  • Savings accounts
  • Retirement and investment accounts

Dividing Complex Financial Assets And Businesses

Dividing complex financial assets, such as a pension or 401k, or a business can present unique challenges in a divorce. Not every lawyer understands the process of evaluating the business or financial asset, and it can be difficult to split these items evenly.

Our attorney will guide you through the process and help you negotiate with your former spouse. If a mutually beneficial compromise is not available, he will not hesitate to take your case before a family court judge.

Schedule Your First Meeting At Our Firm

Because of the time-sensitive nature of dividing assets, it is important to get an attorney involved as early as possible. We can help you in negotiations with the other party and will fight for you through the process. Contact our office now by calling us at 337-704-7255 or by sending us a message.

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