3 traits to look for in a family lawyer

This photo has to do with traits in general, but it shows that traits are everything in our decision-making. Some people have all of these words, and some people lack in many of these words. Some of these words are very important to us, and some not so much.

On that note, it’s tough knowing who to look for, when it comes to picking a lawyer for divorce, child custody, child support, or other parts of family law. How do you really know that somebody is the right fit for your specific situation and needs? Michelle Baker highlights a few key traits on blogspot.com.

Personalism versus professionalism

You want somebody that is friendly, down to earth, and easy to get along with. You also want somebody who is professional. It’s not always easy to achieve a balance between a friendly personality and being professional, but it is a huge plus if you do find it.

Are they dependable?

It isn’t easy explaining a tough personal situation with others. People are vulnerable when they open up. This is why it’s important to find a dependable lawyer: one that can both give comfort and deepen the trust. If a lawyer can empathize with you, be reliable for when you need them, and be a caring friendly individual – then you’ve seen dependability.


What you’ll want in a lawyer is exceptional performance and transparency. The rights lawyer should demonstrate his or her skills, be a solid planner, and do whatever he or she can to realize your objectives as a client. If these are met, then you’ll be in good hands. Usually, hard work and dedication play into this idea of exceptional performance. If a lawyer exceptionally performs and is a hard worker with every other case, then you’ll receive the same great treatment for your case.

Other things

These aren’t everything, in finding the right family lawyer for your case. But these are strong indicators into what a successful lawyer client relationship should look like. As family lawyer has the word “family” in the title, only the best possible service to each and every member of the client family should be the focus. Since clear and consistent communication is key, your attorney should always be a call, text or email away, and Southern Oaks Law Firm provides just that for all of Acadiana.