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Would supervised visitation benefit your child?

Ideally, separated parents will both be able to play an active role in the upbringing of their children. Nonetheless, family dynamics can be complex, particularly when parents have separated. The family court is more than aware of this, which is why there are numerous options in terms of custody arrangements.

What is highway hypnosis (and how do you prevent it)?

If you’re like a lot of other Americans, you’re going to rack up some miles on the highway this winter as you make the long drive to your parent’s or grandparent’s home for the holidays. Just be careful that you don’t let highway hypnosis take over. Highway hypnosis is the term that’s

Would I lose my small business in a divorce?

The more financial success you have enjoyed during your marriage, the more you have to lose in a contentious divorce. Louisiana is a community property state, which means that you and your spouse share an ownership interest in each other’s property and income from during the marriage. You are also

Adrenaline sometimes masks pain after a wreck

Adrenaline is a hormone that your body releases at times of extreme stress. This means that you’ll often have an adrenaline rush during a traumatic incident, such as a car accident. This is a natural response by your body because adrenaline can help you survive and your body is definitely