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Can you negotiate the amount of your child support?

Child support can be one of the most contentious issues during a divorce. One parent may feel it’s unfair to pay so much support if they’re sharing custody, for example, or the other may not feel that they’re getting enough financial support to meet their child’s basic needs. When you

Child support laws in Louisiana

Each state varies on child support laws, but we’re going to take some time to explain the child support laws in Louisiana. According to Teresa Wall-Cyb of NOLO’s Divorce Net, Louisiana “requires parents to support a child’s financial, emotional, and medical needs”. In other words, both parents must be responsible for

Child support: Changing circumstances

Time can heal many things, including some of the pain and suffering from divorce. It’s true that divorce proceedings can be extremely detailed. After all, if a couple has children, things like child support and custody are big issues. Say that a child support agreement has been reached. Is it

Survey shows an increasing number of women paying both alimony and child support

Women are now finding that gender equality in divorce court is coming with a cost. According to a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 54% of the attorneys have cited an increase in the number of mothers paying child support during the past three years, while 45% have