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What is wrong with driving when tired?

Tiredness can be as bad for your driving performance as drinking or taking drugs. One report suggests that 18 hours without sleep puts you at a similar driving ability to someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05%, while an entire day without sleep equates to 0.10%  BAC. As with alcohol

Ankle injuries and car wrecks: What to know

Our feet are pivotal to driving. They operate the pedals which make us move and stop when needed. Unfortunately, our feet are also exposed if a crash occurs. Ankle injuries are relatively common during a road traffic collision, and they can be severely painful. Outlined below are some of the

Remember these tips if you’re a divorcing business owner

When you own a business and are going through a divorce, you need to keep in mind how your divorce could affect your business. Depending on your spouse’s role in the business and if you started it before or after your marriage, your business could be marital property and be subject