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Are nervous drivers a safety risk

When thinking about car accidents, the first things that often come to mind are speeding, aggression and recklessness. Fortunately, not all road users partake in such activities, although a significant number still do. Being cautious is generally thought of as a useful tool in driving safety, but does it ever

Social media and divorce are not a good combination

Oversharing and exaggeration are commonplace on social media. The public has grown to accept this. But while your “friends” may tolerate this behavior, judges and attorney will not, especially in legal cases such as divorce. If you are going through a divorce, what you post on social media, sometimes, may

Addressing angry drivers on your daily commute

Numerous people across LA utilize the roads to get to and from work. Generally, people head to work each day to provide for their families. This makes getting back to them in one piece all the more important. Unfortunately, people can become overwhelmed by stress and personal circumstances, leading them