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Are you allowed to adopt your foster child in Louisiana?

Sometimes, foster children can add so much meaning to your life that you want to give them a home and lots of love for the rest of their lives. Adoption seems the most logical approach for families that want to parent their foster child permanently. While adoption is possible in

What does it take to be a single adoptive parent?

It’s not uncommon these days for single people to consider adopting a child. They may want to be a parent but not a spouse. Maybe they just don’t want to wait until they’ve found their soulmate to build a family. In Louisiana, unmarried people who are at least 18 can legally

How to adopt a stepchild

There are many cases in which adopting a stepchild is a wonderful thing to do. The other parent may not be involved, but you may have taken over the parental role in all but name. By making it official, you give the child more stability and show that you are

Questions to ask before adopting

You know that you’re interested in the idea of adoption, but you want to think this process through before you get started. It’s a very big choice, and you know how important it is to sort everything out in advance. To help you, here are a few common questions that people ask

Under what circumstances can a grandparent adopt a grandchild in Louisiana?

It is tragic when grandparents finds themselves in the position where they have to step in and take the place of a child’s parents. You may feel that your grandchild is no longer safe with their parents, and that they would be better off living with you permanently. Fortunately, there

Should your family get therapy after adopting a child?

You and your family adopted a child. You have seen some behaviors that worry you. At times, your adoptive child seems happy and they express love for you. At other times, they are angry or distant. You are now wondering if your child’s reactions are normal — or if their

Ways to help an adopted toddler adjust to their new family

Adopting an infant allows its new parents to create a bond with their new bundle of joy. However, adopting a toddler that has already had some life experiences can call for understanding and patience. The child may have already experienced poverty, abandonment, and possibly abuse. Taking into consideration the unique

Who has to approve your request for a stepparent adoption?

Adoptions in Louisiana don’t always involve strangers taking in children from foster care or from other countries. Sometimes, adoption occurs inside an existing family unit. Also known as intrafamily adoptions, these family changes help stabilize a child’s situation and strengthen their legal ties to someone providing care like a parent should.

What is adult adoption?

Adoption is largely considered one of the most joyous aspects of family law. Making a family whole can be a complex process, but one with a happy ending. It is not uncommon, however, for the individual in need of a loving family to be an adult. When the prospective adoptee

Why do grandparents adopt their grandchildren in Louisiana?

Although information from the recent 2020 Census may change things, current data places Louisiana in the top five states where grandparents end up filling the role of parents for their grandchildren. There were roughly 67,000 grandparents supporting their grandchildren across the state when the last Census occurred. Many grandparents who live with,