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The financial benefits of divorce

Divorce often comes with a swirl of negative emotions. Louisiana spouses with rocky marriages may be unable to detach themselves from the fact that their relationship is ending in a way they may not have intended. Shedding light on some of the benefits of filing for divorce can give couples

3 basic tenets of divorce in Louisiana

The decision to seek a divorce never comes easily, and in Louisiana, the rules to get a divorce do not necessarily make granting one simple. While the law is not overly complex, you have choices to make when you file. Before initiating the process, you may want to take a

Tips for handling divorce in the workplace

The difficulty of divorce is often compounded when divorcing couples still have to report to their Louisiana employers. Going to work may seem impossible while going through such an emotionally intense ordeal. Both amicable and contentious divorces impact work life in ways a person may not realize. In 2017, Fast Company

What are the requirements to be a foster parent?

If you have an interest in adopting a child in Louisiana, it is a good idea to begin your journey as a foster parent. Many of the children in the foster system eventually become eligible to adopt. This can lead you to the right child naturally while also giving you