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4 reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

Some people think that it is crass to request a prenuptial agreement, but that attitude is no longer the predominant one. Many people now view prenuptial agreements as a common-sense form of protection. After all, a significant percentage of marriages have consistently ended in divorce for many decades running. Additionally, prenuptial

Under what circumstances can a grandparent adopt a grandchild in Louisiana?

It is tragic when grandparents finds themselves in the position where they have to step in and take the place of a child’s parents. You may feel that your grandchild is no longer safe with their parents, and that they would be better off living with you permanently. Fortunately, there

2 reasons your Louisiana divorce may take forever to conclude

The marriage is over but the divorce is dragging on. Your frustrations have reached fever-pitch and your life is stuck because you and your spouse cannot see eye-to-eye on pretty much every issue. Clearly, your consternation could be justified. A prolonged divorce can be both emotionally and financially ruinous. And

How is child custody decided when parents split up?

Child custody, for most parents, is the main focus of the divorce case. They care about asset division and things of this nature, but they really care the most about maintaining a relationship with their children. To work toward this end goal, you need to know how custody and visitation

How much does a divorce cost?

If thinking about a divorce, you need an idea of the costs. A recent report suggests the average cost of a divorce is $15,000. Is that how much it will cost you? That depends. What can I do to keep divorce costs down? To reduce the costs of divorce, you need to

What is adult adoption?

Adoption is largely considered one of the most joyous aspects of family law. Making a family whole can be a complex process, but one with a happy ending. It is not uncommon, however, for the individual in need of a loving family to be an adult. When the prospective adoptee

Why do grandparents adopt their grandchildren in Louisiana?

Although information from the recent 2020 Census may change things, current data places Louisiana in the top five states where grandparents end up filling the role of parents for their grandchildren. There were roughly 67,000 grandparents supporting their grandchildren across the state when the last Census occurred. Many grandparents who live with,

How do closed and open adoptions differ?

Individuals and couples who are ready to adopt a child have several things that they have to think about when they’re getting ready for this process. While it’s easy to become lost in technical matters, e.g., completing the home study, people who are embarking upon this process also have to

If you’re divorcing, know the value of your assets

One important step to take while going through a divorce is to look into having your property assessed for its true value. You and your spouse will need to divide your assets, but not knowing what those assets are worth is harmful to both of you. You can’t bargain effectively

Watch out for the mental effects of a divorce

Divorce can be beneficial for your mental health. Many marriages become harmful to both parties in their final stages. However, the divorce process can also come with damaging emotional stressors that you need to be aware of. How can divorce affect your mental health? Here are some of the negative emotional