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Are you allowed to adopt your foster child in Louisiana?

Sometimes, foster children can add so much meaning to your life that you want to give them a home and lots of love for the rest of their lives. Adoption seems the most logical approach for families that want to parent their foster child permanently. While adoption is possible in

Ways to take care of children’s mental health during a divorce

Why? What is divorce? What happens now? These are questions you likely will hear from your children upon breaking the news that you and their other parent will go your separate ways. But you may expect a lot more challenges as psychological problems may surface. Suddenly, your children must adjust

3 things to know about a concussion

One possible injury you may face in a motor vehicle accident is a head injury. These range from minor to catastrophic. Traumatic brain injuries range from concussions up to more serious injuries that cause the person to be in a coma. If you’ve been in a car crash, remember these three