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Why do grandparents adopt their grandchildren in Louisiana?

Although information from the recent 2020 Census may change things, current data places Louisiana in the top five states where grandparents end up filling the role of parents for their grandchildren. There were roughly 67,000 grandparents supporting their grandchildren across the state when the last Census occurred. Many grandparents who live with,

How do closed and open adoptions differ?

Individuals and couples who are ready to adopt a child have several things that they have to think about when they’re getting ready for this process. While it’s easy to become lost in technical matters, e.g., completing the home study, people who are embarking upon this process also have to

If you’re divorcing, know the value of your assets

One important step to take while going through a divorce is to look into having your property assessed for its true value. You and your spouse will need to divide your assets, but not knowing what those assets are worth is harmful to both of you. You can’t bargain effectively