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Does education level really impact divorce?

When you track divorce trends, you can find all sorts of interesting statistics. One that you may have heard is that those with a lower level of education tend to get divorced more often — or, put another way, a higher level of education reduces the odds of divorce. However,

Is there any way for you to complete an affordable divorce?

If there’s one truth that most people accept about divorce, it is that the process is often financially devastating. Not only do you have to split everything you own with your spouse in most cases, but you will also have to worry about the cost of the divorce itself. Much

Should billboards be illegal because they’re so distracting?

How many billboards did you drive by today? In the space of a normal commute, it could be dozens or even hundreds. In some areas, they’re so common that they blend together and you may not even realize how many there are. Have you ever wondered, though, if those billboards should be