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Reduce your chances of being in a slip-and-fall accident

Being injured has the potential to cause significant disruption to the affected party. Firstly, any injury may impact them financially because they may have to take time off from work to recover. Furthermore, injuries can even be so severe that they have life-altering consequences. People are exposed to a wide

2 reasons your Louisiana divorce may take forever to conclude

The marriage is over but the divorce is dragging on. Your frustrations have reached fever-pitch and your life is stuck because you and your spouse cannot see eye-to-eye on pretty much every issue. Clearly, your consternation could be justified. A prolonged divorce can be both emotionally and financially ruinous. And

Divorce is up in parts of Louisiana, but not nationwide

As a resident of Lafayette, if it seems like more of your friends and neighbors down in New Orleans are getting divorced lately, you might be right. According to a new study, New Orleans is one of just a handful of places where the divorce rate is increasing. The study