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2 types of adoptions you should know about

People who are interested in adopting a baby have many options for where they turn for the adoption. One of the decisions they’ll have to make in the process is what type of adoption they want. The two primary types are open and closed. Decades ago, closed adoptions were the more

Do you need a biological dad’s approval to adopt your stepchild?

Dating a woman who is already a mother can mean accepting her children as part of your life in order to share it with her. As time goes by, you may develop deep and meaningful bonds with your stepchildren that you want to honor, possibly through an adoption. If you

Dividing your 401k in a divorce

No matter how prepared you may feel going into your divorce proceedings in Lafayette, trust us here at the Southern Oaks Law Firm when we say that there are bound to be surprises awaiting. Such has been the experience of several clients that we have worked with in the past;

Covenant marriages and divorce in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of several states to offer so-called “covenant marriages.” A covenant marriage essentially requires a couple to go through more steps (including counseling) before they get married and make specific agreements. Covenant marriages can also make it harder to get a divorce. But divorce is still possible, even