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Reasons you might need alimony in a Louisiana divorce

If you find yourself thinking about divorce, you likely look forward to a future where you are independent from your spouse. However, the process of regaining true independence doesn’t occur overnight. You may find yourself needing financial support from your former spouse during your transition to living separately. Spousal support, also

Children with special needs require help in divorce

Any child whose parents are divorcing will face challenges, but children who have special needs might have more difficulty than others making the adjustment. As a parent, your primary goal during this time must be ensuring that your children have what they need to thrive despite the divorce. It’s easy

How divorce is different today than in decades past

Divorce has changed over the years. It’s not the same thing that it was for the previous generation or for their parents. The first key to seeing this change is just to consider the stigma around divorce. Once thought of as taboo, it is now far more widely accepted and