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Safety tips for pedestrians walking near the street

Pedestrians face a high level of danger when walking near traffic. In fact, some reports have shown that this risk level has increased source in recent years, with pedestrian fatalities reaching a 40-year peak. Accidents happen when drivers make mistakes, when they get distracted and when they otherwise act negligently. So

3 things to know about a concussion

One possible injury you may face in a motor vehicle accident is a head injury. These range from minor to catastrophic. Traumatic brain injuries range from concussions up to more serious injuries that cause the person to be in a coma. If you’ve been in a car crash, remember these three

Facial injuries and emotional trauma

People should not be judged by their facial features. Unfortunately, due to social pressures and inherent biases, people are judged in this manner. Our faces tell a story, and they play a key role in our daily communications. Not only do we rely on our mouths to utter the spoken

Injury risks for cyclist commuters

In recent years, cycling has become much more than simply a favorite pastime. An increasing number of people are using bikes as their primary mode of transport. Cycling to work brings numerous benefits, you are staying fit and healthy as well as doing your bit for the environment. However, this

Is it more dangerous to drive on the weekends?

During the week, your driving schedule is pretty well established as you commute to work and back. You know that this exposes you to some level of risk, but you try to stay safe by giving yourself extra time and being a defensive driver. Anyway, you know that you must

Should billboards be illegal because they’re so distracting?

How many billboards did you drive by today? In the space of a normal commute, it could be dozens or even hundreds. In some areas, they’re so common that they blend together and you may not even realize how many there are. Have you ever wondered, though, if those billboards should be

Handling a construction site injury

There are significant dangers in the construction industry, and workers are at risk for injuries in their line of work. The job often requires extensive heavy lifting and the use of heavy machinery. In 2018, according to the United States Department of Labor, 21.1% of the 4,779 worker fatalities were construction workers.

What is Louisiana’s Katie Bug’s Law?

Katie Bug’s Law was signed into effect by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. This law is intended to help families seeking justice over a fatal accident, and allows law enforcement officials to test a driver for drugs or alcohol in their system after a car crash, even if there were

Financial assistance is available for families suffering loss

When a loved one is injured or killed as the result of someone else’s actions or unlawful behavior, a Louisiana family suffers emotionally and also financially because of the unexpected expenses. At Southern Oaks Law Firm, it is well understood how obtaining compensation may be helpful in recovering from your

Catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries are the most severe type of personal injury out there. HG is a great online resource that explains this. These accidents cause serious harm to the human body, through circumstances such as road collisions, explosions, falling objects, getting squashed, and severe trauma. The damage usually involve spinal injuries, head injuries,