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Who has to approve your request for a stepparent adoption?

Adoptions in Louisiana don’t always involve strangers taking in children from foster care or from other countries. Sometimes, adoption occurs inside an existing family unit. Also known as intrafamily adoptions, these family changes help stabilize a child’s situation and strengthen their legal ties to someone providing care like a parent should.

Watch out for water accidents in summer

When you’re a child, there is nothing better on a hot day than to jump into the water to cool off. Yet, water carries a lot of danger. According to Lousiana’s Department of Health (DOH), 60% more children between 0 – 14 years of age drowned in the state during 2020 than

Could a “morning-after” drunk driver have caused your auto accident?

Most responsible adults understand that getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking is a universally bad idea. Spending the night on a friend’s couch is much preferable over attempting that dangerous drive home while under the influence of alcohol. But when they wake up the following morning on