4 things you can do to prepare for your divorce

Deciding to divorce is rarely easy. Whether you both made the decision jointly, or a chain of events occurred that pushed you into it, the emotional toll it takes is difficult to handle at times.

You have kids and a home – all of which must divide between two people. When you know divorce proceedings will start, alleviate some stress by getting ahead of the process. Follow these four suggestions now to help.

  1. Gather your financials

One of the first things an attorney may ask for is a look at your financial picture. Everything you have from bank accounts to credit cards, property owned outright and encumbered pieces, will have to go in a filing with the court called a financial disclosure. It may take time to get all of this together, so the sooner you start, the better.

  1. Figure out what you want custody to look like

Knowing that you will probably have to share custody may cause you pain; however, you can start thinking about what your ideal arrangement looks like. Consider the kids’ relationship with your spouse, their ages and what work schedules may dictate. While the finished plan may not come out looking exactly as you want, you can at least have a jumping-off point for negotiations.

  1. Talk to family and friends

The divorce process is one of the most challenging to a person’s emotional and mental health. Even if your uncoupling is in the best interest of everyone and you agree on many elements, it is still not easy to get through. You will face challenges, and having close friends and family to support you is essential. Find those people now and prepare them.

  1. Stay off social media

It is tempting to post on social media, but in preparing for divorce court, you may want to refrain. Anything you put on the web may come into play during negotiations and ultimately affect your final dissolution order.