Avoid the divorce from hell

Divorce is not an easy process. It can, in fact, put a huge burden on your lifestyle and weigh you down with mounds of stress. Individual perspective undoubtedly can affect a divorce situation.

However, your perspective isn’t the only factor in how a divorce process turns out. Attorney J. Benjamin Stevens explains nine different ways that you can turn your already difficult divorce into the divorce from hell.

To make sure you don’t have the divorce from hell, AVOID the following.

  • Lying to your attorney: It’s important to avoid this and make sure that you and your attorney have a strong trusting relationship.
  • Getting your kids involved: You’re sure to make it a nightmare if your kids are pitted against each other and become miserable in the process. Don’t get the kids involved.
  • Start dating immediately: This will surely make your spouse less willing to reach an agreement. Avoid dating immediately.
  • Raid the bank accounts: This will make a case for you being a “bad spouse”, if you take all of the money out and cut off the spouse from your assets. The reasoning? This prevents the spouse from having money to live off of or for hiring an attorney.
  • Start making big purchases: This will further create arguments and create a more difficult situation for you.
  • Don’t do anything: Not following up on emails, calls, etc. can really frustrate all parties involved, including your own lawyer.
  • Don’t listen to your lawyer: It’s important to consult in somebody with expertise in your legal matter. By not listening to your lawyer, you’re probably hurting your situation more than helping.
  • Hire the most expensive attorney in town: Expensive retainers aren’t the way to go. One thing a super expensive lawyer will do is drain you of all your financial resources. Good representation doesn’t always come with the biggest price tag.
  • Hire the cheapest attorney in town: Even though you don’t want the most expensive lawyer, having the cheapest lawyer doesn’t help your case either. It’s important to do your research and hire a lawyer that fits your needs and your price tag.

We hope this is helpful for you and your case. If you’re having problems or if you have further questions, we encourage you to contact us.  At Southern Oaks Law Firm, divorce and family lawyer Taylor Fontenot believes his role is to protect your rights and interests while simultaneously working with everyone involved in order to minimize collateral damage and resolve disputes timely and efficiently. Call 337-704-7255 or email today!