Child custody what you need to know


Another area of the law we specialize in at Southern Oaks Law is child custody. The term joint custody can either refer to joint physical/legal custody or joint legal custody.

In the unfortunate case of “shared custody agreements in case of parental alienation”, as stated by Neva Franklin of Business News Articles, “parents share equally the rights of ‘legal custody’ and physical custody’”. Many aspects of the child are focused on, including financial and educational factors. How the child is raised is at the top of those decisions.

Stability of the parents is important in these custody cases. Proof of course needs to be shown of the stability, including the housing and job situations. The home community, in addition to housing arrangements, are focused on. For the job situation, job security is extremely important.

All in all, the wellbeing and future of the child need to be protected.

As timing is of the essence, one of the best things to do for child custody is to hire a child custody lawyer. Child custody is never an easy matter, so hiring a lawyer with experience in this matter is a sure way to ease the stress and complications associated with the process.

Child Custody Attorney Taylor Fontenot will work hard on your behalf to attain the best outcome for you and for your child or children. Taylor and the Southern Oaks Law Firm team understand the need to listen and empathize, while providing practical legal advice and high-quality representation. Contact Taylor today!