Child support laws in Louisiana

Each state varies on child support laws, but we’re going to take some time to explain the child support laws in Louisiana.

According to Teresa Wall-Cyb of NOLO’s Divorce Net, Louisiana “requires parents to support a child’s financial, emotional, and medical needs”. In other words, both parents must be responsible for the expenses involved in the raising of their child.

It’s true, as a general rule, that the parent spending less than half the time with his or her child is the one that pays support; it’s also true that the parent spending the most time with his or child is responsible for support, but it’s assumed that he or she spends the required amount directly on the child.

In terms of exact amounts, it mainly depends on the number of children involved. $100 is the minimum payment but, payments vary, depending on the type of arrangement put in place (shared or split custody, for example) or parental disability that limits the amount of money earned.

Natural disasters have played a role in child support payments. Two examples are Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, which allowed for hardship guidelines to take effect.

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