Collaborative divorce: Protecting you and your children

The divorce process can be brutal. Much is at stake when going through the proper procedures, especially for the children involved. When the relationship of the parents declines, the children may be at risk of suffering from emotional damage.

The effects can linger on for several years.

Friendly terms amongst the parents will help mitigate some of the damage. However, friendly terms may not last entirely. Good intentions can easily turn into hostility. For this reason, a smart and safe alternative is coming to light.

The Collaborative Family Law Institute refers to collaborative divorce as “a voluntary process in which couples, with the assistance of collaboratively-trained professionals, work toward reaching a settlement on fair and equitable terms without the financial and emotional cost that often accompanies litigation.”

Collaborative divorce is a win-win for the parties involved. It’s done outside the court system, where the parents have the freedom to come to an agreement on their own terms with the help of professionals trained in collaborative divorce.

Who are the collaborative divorce professionals then? They include “two family attorneys, one neutral financial professional and a neutral mental health professional”, according to The Collaborative Family Law Institute. Having this level of third party help will give a greater possibility of a smooth divorce proceeding over the long run.

By reaching such a settlement, parents will protect their kids’ futures and preserve their emotional wellbeing. Southern Oaks Law Firm firmly believes in protecting all parties involved, especially the children, and attorney Taylor Fontenot will work hard to make sure the settlement is fair and equitable. Give us a call today at 337-704-7255