Divorce: Property problems and what to do

When a relationship ends, there are often more problem layers than appear on the surface. Property problems are among those layers.

When a couple is doing financially well, they may decide to buy some real estate with their new boost of income. Of course, any type of investment carries some risk. The housing market might even take a tumble. But let’s say that the couple has held on to the real estate property, even after separation or the ended relationship.

Stated by Tommy Wyher of Active Rain, you have a few options:

1.) Divide the property up as amicably as possible. Every situation is different, so who gets what amount can hopefully be agreed on in the most civil way possible.

2.) Hire a property manager. This allows for the couple to earn a stream of income without interacting with each other. This especially comes in handy if the housing market is poor and/or if renting demand is high.

3.) Hire a divorce law attorney. It is extremely important to hire a divorce law attorney with experience in this matter. This includes the added benefit of the lawyer being an outside party that will work towards a fair and equitable settlement on behalf of both inside parties.

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