Divorce: Protecting yourself and your assets

It is no secret that divorce can be complicated. During divorce proceedings, certain elements need to be hammered out in order to avoid mistakes down the line and to protect yourself.

The first thing that should come to mind is consulting a financial and tax advisor as you’re going through the process. It is worth discussing your assets with these advisors, as they’ve had the financial training to do so. Assets can include your house, stock portfolios, retirement accounts, debt, and taxes.

Brittany De Lea of Fox Business states that there has been “an increase in the number of prenuptial agreements, especially among the younger generation, which, ironically, tends to have fewer assets to protect”. We live in a time where generations differ widely in their financial situations, specifically with their assets. Student loan debt, discussed in our previous articles, is becoming a rising issue. The perfect resolution is to avoid divorce altogether.

But let’s be realistic: the odds of that happening are slim. But it’s not the end of the world. You can be happy and financially safe once again. We encourage discussions with a financial expert, but we also encourage discussing your situation with a divorce law attorney that knows the Louisiana state laws. By reaching both the financial side and the legal side, you’ll be in great shape.

Not sure where to go on the financial side? Contact Southern Oaks Law Firm. It’s important to have an experienced divorce law attorney on your side. At Southern Oaks Law Firm, Taylor Fontenot understands the need to listen and empathize, while providing practical legal advice and high-quality representation.