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DWI: Are we closer to a solution for drunk driving?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Firm News

drunk driving

We wanted to talk about an article from The Daily Reveille: “Louisiana searches for solution to drunk driving epidemic”.

The article talked about a some specific examples where drunk driving tragically cost families the lives of their loved ones.

Drunk driving not only affects the intoxicated person behind the wheel, but can also affect the lives of any people that person may hit.

It certainly pays off to do two things:

1- not put yourself in the situation of driving drunk

2- spreading awareness so that other people don’t make the mistake

A statistic from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: “alcohol-impaired-driving incidents accounted for about 10,497 deaths in the United States.” Even though this statistic is a national one, each state’s number varies due to the difference in each state’s DWI laws.

With enough awareness, the drunk driving epidemic can be prevented. One of the attempts at preventing the issue is the DWI checkpoint. Another statistic from the mentioned article is that checkpoints “reduced alcohol-related fatal, injury and property damage crashes each by about 20 percent”.

While we can only warn our readers of these dangers, only you are in control. From Taylor Fontenot and the Southern Oaks Law Firm team, we encourage you to be safe behind the wheel!

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