DWI lawyer: Hiring the best
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DWI lawyer: Hiring the best

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Criminal Law, DWI

In a DWI/DUI situation, you’re going to want a lawyer specializing in this area of the law. Better yet, you’re going to want the best DWI lawyer. There is a difficult balance between money and quality of lawyer. However, hiring someone mediocre at best will only be a waste of money.

In this area of the law, it’s impossible to plan your case in advance. Who really knows when or if they’ll be arrested for driving while intoxicated. As Legal Desire states, “the best way to stay ahead of the possible surprises and stress of being arrested for drunk driving is making sure that you are conversant with the procedures of finding the best DWI lawyer.”

Basically, it’s important to be prepared and not just pick anybody to represent you. A few things to look out for:

1.) Does the lawyer you’re researching have a license to practice in Louisiana? Doing some research into degrees and licenses will go a long way. Nowadays, websites are more commonplace which also means that many lawyers and law firms will have their own websites where that information is available.

2.) Instead of trusting the word of the lawyer, how about looking at reviews? Review websites, word of mouth, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) are all outlets that have reviews of businesses. To get an idea on if that lawyer is worth contacting, reviews can give much more context into the experience you might be dealing with.

3.) Can you afford it? Knowing the rates of a few lawyers and comparing the information can go a long way in determining your future course of action. Quality is most important in a case, but how much quality is bearable at the expense of your wallet?

We hope this gives you insight for hiring the best DWI lawyer for your case. Since you’re here, we encourage you to explore our website and reach out to the Southern Oaks Law Firm team! DWI lawyer Taylor Fontenot knows the local and state DWI laws. His priority is always to help his clients and to do his absolute best to provide a fair solution.


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