DWI plea deals: Types, compromising, and the intimidation factor
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DWI plea deals: Types, compromising, and the intimidation factor

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Criminal Law, DWI

According to Avvo, a plea deal, or plea bargain, is “when a DUI defendant makes a deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges and/or sentencing”. Below is a breakdown of DWI plea deals, thanks to attorney Richard Stim of NOLO Driving Laws.

There are several types of plea deals, shaped in a few different ways. Parties involved usually have the freedom to negotiate to where the formulated agreement is to the satisfaction of all parties involved. As far as the ways in which these deals are most commonly shaped, there are three that come to mind: pleading guilty to a less-serious offense than originally charged with, having one charge dismissed in exchange for a guilty plea to another charge, or agreeing to a sentence not involving a hefty fine or suspension of license. There are, of course, other ways. Some ways are better fit to your unique situation.

It’s important to remember that a plea deal is a compromise. The prosecutor doesn’t have to make a deal, and is “typically motivated by a desire to save court expenses and keep the court calendar free for other cases. The strength of a case also is a huge factor in the outcome of the plea deal – the stronger the case is against you, the more you must give up and the more of a compromise you’ll have to make.

Being represented by an attorney, in compromising, is a sure way to be guided properly in “the art of balancing your desires against the prosecutor’s position”.

Despite having to compromise, it doesn’t mean that you have to be intimidated and take a prosecutor’s “take it or forget it” type of deal. It’s important to evaluate all of your options and to be okay with the possibility of saying “no”. It’s also important to have legal representation, as it wouldn’t be wise to go through this part alone.

Need help with your case? A good DWI attorney will ensure that you know your options and then negotiate on your behalf for the best possible outcome given your particular circumstances. Lafayette lawyer Taylor Fontenot of Southern Oaks Law Firm specializes in criminal defense and DWI law. Contact Taylor today, knowing you are getting sympathy and strength as well as competency and expertise.


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