List of documents needed for your divorce

As it gets closer to the holidays, the last thing we want you to think about is divorce. But in the event that you already are thinking about it, we encourage you to read further.

Most of all, we want you to be prepared so that you have an easier time. We break down a list of 5 types of documents needed for a successful divorce process. Brodzki Jacobs & Associates broke down this list.

Asset documents

These include: deeds to your house or other properties, titles for motor vehicles or boats, and a list of valuables with any appraisals. For both the vehicle titles and the list of valuables, these include those separately owned and jointly owned.

Personal financial documents

This may sound like #1, but we’re referring to documents regarding taxes and incomes specifically. These documents include: tax returns from you and your spouse, 1099 and W2 forms, pay stubs, records of bonuses or overtime, bank statements (checking, savings, money market, and brokerage accounts), property leases, insurance policies, and the most current statements from CDs, annuities, retirement accounts, credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

Business documents

This includes documents specifically pertaining to your business’s success/failures. They include corporate tax returns, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, financial statements, corporate credit card statements, shareholder agreements, contracts, partnership agreements, corporate records, deeds, and other real estate interests pertaining to the business.

Other documents

Other documents to consider, to be safe and prepared for with any wrongdoing, are: text messages, phone call recordings, videotapes, letters, notes, emails, photographs, and social media screenshots.

During or after your divorce, either party can ask the court to determine a variety of related matters including: child custody, visitation, and support; community property; spousal support; injunctive relief; and use and occupancy of the family home. It’s important to be prepared for all situations involving your divorce. Contact the Southern Oaks Law Firm team today.