Louisiana DWI law: Ignition interlock devices
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Louisiana DWI law: Ignition interlock devices

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Criminal Law, DWI

Louisiana DWI Law Ignition Interlock Device Southern Oaks

Louisiana is more strict than other states with their DWI laws, when it comes to offenders attaching ignition interlock devices to their vehicles. In some states, it takes multiple convictions before somebody has to, by law, attach an ignition interlock device to his or her vehicle. It may take special aggravating circumstances before somebody has to attach one. But in Louisiana, the law is stricter.

According to the Cardone Law Firm, Louisiana is “one of only eight [states] that requires even first-time offenders to attach an ignition interlock device to their vehicles”. That means that, by living here, you’re endangering your life, career, and ability to drive at a quicker rate than other states, when it comes to DWI offenses.

Two other terms for ignition interlock devices are IIDs and BAIIDs. The way these work is that they are devices that you attach to your dashboard. It connects to the ignition system and requires the said-driver to breathe into it. From this point, the device analyses whether the person’s BAC is at a sober level. If the driver is sober, the device will allow the car to work. If it doesn’t work, the vehicle won’t start.

It’s not as simple as just obtaining a device from any store, however. These ignition interlock devices are fairly expensive and must come from a manufacturer approved by State Police Applied Technology. The logic here is that these devices need to be official and not able to be easily tampered with or be faulty. Cardone Law Firm lists seven different approved vendors for these ignition interlock devices. The process is as follows: the driver pays for the installation of the device and a monthly lease fee. Over several months, this can set you back a significant amount, since the installation can cost $100+ and the monthly fee can be anywhere from $50 to $100.

This is just the direct financial burden that comes with a DWI offense that leads to an ignition interlock device. There is also the indirect harm, which involves job status and license suspension.

These ignition interlock devices may either help drastically or harm severely, depending on each case. Charged with a DWI offense? Call Taylor Fontenot, DWI law attorney at 337-704-7255. Whether you have exceeded the blood alcohol content (BAC) allowable, or refused to take the chemical test at a traffic stop, we can help. Our knowledgeable legal team can help you navigate the most current laws and understand the consequences of a conviction. With Taylor, know you are getting sympathy and strength as well as competency and expertise. Call today at 337-704-7255!

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