Louisiana’s child custody laws

No one state is alike. When it comes to the South, family is a huge part of what we do. Louisiana, especially, is a perfect place to observe the family dynamic and a family-focused lifestyle. It’s great when we’re together, but what happens when we’re not?

The family philosophy never dies, even in a divorce situation. When it comes to divorce, each party may want the kids all to themselves. But there are laws in place to determine who gets the kids and for how long.

Below are some of Louisiana’s child custody laws, according to FindLaw:

Louisiana, like most states, has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act, which recognizes “joint custody as an option for separated parents, as well as grandparents’ visitation rights, and courts will generally consider a child’s own wishes before issuing custody orders”.

Child Custody Hearings: if an agreement hasn’t been reached between you and your ex, it may go to a court hearing. As previously noted, a child’s best interests is at the forefront of a judge’s custody decision. More weight is given to factors related to the child’s wellbeing and safety. A child may state his or her preference by age 11.

There are other factors that weigh a decision, such as the reality of which parent is more likely to take care of certain needs of the child. These are physical, emotional, developmental, educational, and special needs. Aside from this, the judge looks at which parent is more likely to maintain the nurturing and loving relationship a child needs, as well as any possible history of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and convictions.

If these laws are too overwhelming for you, we highly encourage you reach out to us at Southern Oaks Law Firm. These matters can be emotionally, legally, and financially draining and, at the end of the day, it’s possible that the other party will have legal counsel as well.

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