Tips for handling divorce in the workplace

The difficulty of divorce is often compounded when divorcing couples still have to report to their Louisiana employers. Going to work may seem impossible while going through such an emotionally intense ordeal.

Both amicable and contentious divorces impact work life in ways a person may not realize. In 2017, Fast Company offered a few tips to help make the transition easier and smoother.

Let HR know

One of the first things to do is sit down with an HR representative and let her or him know about the divorce. A divorcing employee will likely need to fill out a new W-2 form now that she or he is single again. Adjustments to pension and/or a 401(k), IRA or another retirement plan could become necessary, and the employee may want to remove a soon-to-be-ex-spouse from a health insurance policy.

Talk with the boss

There may be times when an employee going through a divorce has to meet with a lawyer or attend a court appointment during work hours. It is best to have an open and honest conversation with the boss about what is going on. As the divorce proceeds, employees should remain honest with themselves and their boss about how productive they feel; there may be some days where they cannot focus on work.

Consider future financial health

According to USA Today, the average cost of divorce in North America in 2018 was $15,500. Depending on one’s current income as a newly (or soon-to-be) single person, a divorcing person may need to work extra hours, ask for an advance or work toward a promotion. Between spousal support, child support, possibly moving to a new residence and more, a sizeable influx of cash could become a necessity.