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Determining the overall cost of a DUI

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Firm News

While out having a great time with friends at a bar in Louisiana, a DUI may be the farthest thing from a person’s mind. That also means the cost of a DUI charge may be the last thing on someone’s mind. offers an in-depth look at the total cost of a DUI. Few things sober a person up faster than learning how much financial trouble a DUI triggers.

Typical DUI expenses

After a DUI arrest, drunk drivers can expect a cascade of expenses. There is bail, the cost of releasing a towed car from impounding, attorney fees and fines. If community service is part of the punishment, it may include supervision fees. Substance abuse treatment or educational classes included as part of the conviction come with high fees, sometimes as much as $3,000.

Long-term costs

Besides the immediate expenses involved in a DUI, there are also not-so-obvious costs to consider, as pointed out by BACtrack. After losing driving privileges, those convicted of a DUI have to secure alternate transportation to and from work to earn a living and pay off other DUI fees. Rideshares, cabs and the like all cost money. Even when the person earns her or his license back, the process involves reinstatement fees.

Increased insurance premiums

Of course, a DUI commonly results in higher auto insurance rates. Increased rates can last for several years, and some companies do not hesitate to cancel a high-risk driver’s policy entirely. A person could have a hard time finding coverage if that happens.

No matter how close a person lives to a bar or house party, taking alternate transportation home is a sound bet. Going back for one’s car in the morning is not a hassle when compared to the fallout of a DUI.

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