2 types of adoptions you should know about

People who are interested in adopting a baby have many options for where they turn for the adoption. One of the decisions they’ll have to make in the process is what type of adoption they want. The two primary types are open and closed.

Decades ago, closed adoptions were the more common form in this country, but this has changed with the open adoptions becoming more common. In a closed adoption, the biological parents and adoptive parents don’t know each other. There is limited information exchanged but nothing that would identify any party.

In an open adoption, both sets of parents know each other. There is usually some level of communication that continues throughout the pregnancy and after the baby is born. The method of communication and the frequency of it are usually agreed upon before the birth.

There are pros and cons to this type of adoption. On the plus side, adoptive parents can get the medical history and other information from the birth parents. Being able to have that open line of communication is often helpful. On the negative side, some adoptive parents feel as though the birthparents are trying to be too involved with the way the child is being raised. This is a difficult situation, but it is one that can be managed by setting clear boundaries.

Before you do anything related to the adoption, make sure that you understand exactly what you’re signing and doing. Your attorney can ensure that you’re taking steps to protect yourself through the process and to help you understand what options you have from start to finish.