How you can help an employee who is going through a divorce

Never bring your problems to work, they say. Yet, if you have ever watched an employee going through a divorce, you know this is unrealistic.

Getting divorced is emotional and stressful. So, it is crucial that, as an employer, you offer support to a worker who is going through a divorce. The disintegration of anyone’s marriage will affect their work to some degree; however, by supporting rather than criticizing them, you can minimize the effect it has on their productivity.

There are many ways you can show support, but taking the time to sit and listen to them is the most important. You do not need to listen to their whole life story or listen to them repeatedly deprecating their partner, but a little attention goes a long way.

Making sure there is someone to catch their mistakes can ease the consequences if they are not thinking straight. Perhaps use other employees to ease their workload.

Allowing your employee to take time off is also important. Perhaps they could use some of their holidays or take unpaid leave. Maybe they could take a few days of sick leave, especially if they do not usually use any. After all, they are likely to be mentally or emotionally unwell some days. Or certainly not feeling as good as usual.

If you have an employee who is heading for divorce, suggest they find a Lafayette divorce attorney. A lawyer can remove some of the uncertainty surrounding divorce and take some of the stress of their mind. As a result, your employee will be able to spend more time dealing with work and less time worrying about their future.