Does infidelity always mean a divorce will follow?

Finding out that your spouse had an affair is a traumatic experience. For some, it means the trust is forever gone and the marriage is over. But, some people choose to try to keep the marriage together. The fact here is that there isn’t one single answer that will prove right in every situation. 

If your spouse has an affair, you’ll have to do some soul searching and talk to them to find out what’s going on. Working things out might be possible if you’re sure that the affair was a one-time event and both spouses are willing to cure the underlying issues that led to the acts of infidelity.

What if the marriage is over?

If you can’t move past the infidelity or if your spouse says they don’t want to remain married, you’ll need to start the process of ending the marriage. While you may focus on the legal side of this matter, you also need to prepare for the emotional, financial and logistical aspects of a divorce.
You’ll need to figure out how you will deal with the betrayal. You may experience sadness and anger. Thinking about these ahead of time can help you to determine how to handle them when they occur.
You’ll also need to prepare your budget for life as a single income home. This ties into the logistical side of things, which involves determining which spouse is moving and what will happen with the vehicles. Decisions about the children also have to be made.

Can you handle a divorce on your own?

While some people try to do a do-it-yourself divorce, this is a major life event that requires specific knowledge. Consulting an attorney in these cases is beneficial so you know your rights and options.