Is it more dangerous to drive on the weekends?

During the week, your driving schedule is pretty well established as you commute to work and back. You know that this exposes you to some level of risk, but you try to stay safe by giving yourself extra time and being a defensive driver. Anyway, you know that you must drive for work, so there’s no way to avoid this risk.

But what about on the weekends? You have more freedom to choose when and where you drive, and you want to consider accident risks. Is it more or less dangerous to drive on the weekends?

The risk of Saturday driving

If you guessed that the weekends were more dangerous, you’re right. Studies have found that the most dangerous day of all is Saturday. You want to be very wary of driving on the weekends and avoid Saturday if possible.

One thing to note is that DUI accidents often play into the weekend crash statistics. If someone goes out to drink with their friends on a Friday night, then stays out until two in the morning, any accident that they cause on the way home counts for the Saturday statistics. That’s not to say that Saturday is any less dangerous, but it’s wise to think about the riskiest hours to be on the road. Driving to the store at nine on a Saturday morning does not carry the same risk level as driving home from the bar seven hours earlier.

Can you avoid accidents?

Knowing what days and times to avoid can help you reduce the odds of getting into a crash, but nothing guarantees that you can avoid an accident. If you get injured in a car wreck, you must know how to seek financial compensation. Car insurance companies are only concerned about their bottom line, not your injuries and losses. Make sure that you have an advocate by your side that will fight to protect your rights.