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What injury risks do children who are involved in car accidents face?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Car Accidents

The summer is upon us. Your kids will soon be out of school, and you’ll find yourself traveling around up and down the road, taking them to and fro, trying to keep them entertained. 

There’s likely to be an uptick in motorists on the road this summer as people look to blow off some steam. You’ll want to be extra careful to do your part to minimize your chances of becoming involved in an accident. Hopefully, doing so will help you avoid some of these more common catastrophic injuries that kids suffer in accidents. 

What injuries are the most common for kids in car wrecks?

Data published by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) highlights how head injuries such as concussions and traumatic injuries to the chest, back and internal organs are all some of the most common diagnoses children receive in a crash. 

The DOT’s data also shows that the injuries most common among children vary depending on their age. Concussions are most common among children under one, whereas bruises, skull fractures and cuts are most prevalent among older children.

That data also captures how a child involved in rollover accidents is ten times more likely to suffer incapacitating injuries than any other child in a crash.

The federal agency’s data also indicates how a parent that straps their child in second-row seats can significantly reduce the injuries that their child suffers in a crash. DOT records show that the injury risk of a child strapped in front passenger seats in a front-end crash is double that of one placed in a back seat. The statistics are much the same if a side-collision crash occurs. 

Why car accident injuries involving children are particularly concerning

As a parent, it’s critical that you ensure that your child receives medical care immediately following an accident. While your child’s body is resilient, your child may suffer internal injuries that deteriorate quickly in time, leaving a lasting impression on your child’s life. 

Medical costs may vary depending on the severity of your child’s injuries. An attorney can advise you how Louisiana law may allow you to recover much-needed compensation to cover your child’s medical costs after a car accident. 

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