3 steps to take while preparing for a divorce

Obtaining a divorce is a major decision that can result in significant life changes. Additionally, the divorce process itself can often be stressful, even at the best of times.

However, there are precautionary measures available that could help make the divorce transition run more smoothly. Outlined below are three steps to take while preparing for a divorce.

1. Outline your child custody goals

When children are involved, their best interests will typically be at the heart of decisions made by both parents. Crucially, any rulings made in court will also have the same motivations. Barring exceptional circumstances, the court will typically order shared custody of the children. Having goals set in place could ensure that both you and your former spouse are able to manage child custody in an amicable way.

2. Organize your finances

Having a firm grasp of your financial circumstances can be helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, you will be able to determine what is most valuable to you. This is vital, as the divorce process will typically involve the division of assets. Usually, at least some level of compromise will have to be made. Therefore, understanding which financial assets are most important to you could be of great benefit during negotiations.

Additionally, organizing your finances can help you plan for the future. Your post-divorce budget is likely to be lesser due to having one income. Managing your finances effectively could ensure that you are given the best possible opportunity to make the most of your fresh start.

3. Determine where you plan to live

Another aspect of divorce preparation concerns your living situation. It may be imperative that you hold on to the family home. On the other hand, the family home might not be a top priority, which means you will need to plan for your future living arrangements.

Taking preparatory measures could assist with your divorce transition as well as post-divorce life. As a divorcing spouse in California, it is important to remember that you have legal rights.