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Increasing following distances could save lives

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

The following distance that you use on the road should always be one that gives you time to react in case of an emergency. The general rule is that you stay three seconds behind the next car, at a minimum. 

To calculate how far behind you are, just find something on the side of the road that you can watch the other car pass. When they do, just count off the seconds until you pass the same point. This is better than considering your actual distance behind that car since you need more distance at higher speeds. The three-second rule automatically accounts for this so that you always have enough distance. 

Tailgaters can put you in danger 

Of course, even if you are an excellent driver and you always follow three seconds behind the next car, you could still face serious risks on the road. Tailgaters are everywhere, and they increase your risks every time they follow your vehicle. 

Not all of these tailgaters are malicious. There are those who tailgate aggressively because they want to pass or because they’re frustrated with the speed that you’re driving at. This is a clear risk, and it’s best to let them go around. But you also have tailgaters who think that they’re driving safely and don’t know to count off the three seconds. Oblivious to the risk, they stay too close to your vehicle, meaning an accident is always possible if you have to stop quickly. 

What can you do? 

You can drive safely, but you can never control how everyone else drives around you. If one of these negligent drivers causes an accident and injures you, then you need to look into all of your options to seek financial compensation.

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